Frederick is an artist living and working in Denver, Colorado

He is represented by Palette Contemporary Gallery (Albuquerque), Art Images Gallery (Denver) and Janet Mootz Gallery (Milwaukee)

Painting Narrative

Artist Statement:

My paintings reflect personal interests in design, architecture, science and history.

I have a solid knowledge of classical painting but my work is contemporary. composition and geometry play a large role. I will include materials or collages as well as computer images.

My artistic research hinges on the position of man and technique, and reflects the frailty of the human condition in a post-modern world where technique is both all encompassing and a liability.

I want to reconcile Art and Technique, both as an inspiration and a tool to enhance creating works.

Geometric composition is important: In the abstraction of shapes, there is more to reality than the eye perceives.

Taking the viewer to another level of conscience is a high achievement for an artist. Some of my pieces are images of a state of mind, the flickering feeling of a moment, others a more solid impression based on visual experience.


Born and educated in France, became a US citizen in 2011.

Graduated from Ecole d'Architecture de Paris-Belleville in 1993 with a Masters in Architecture

Worked as an architect in Paris for 10 years, including renovation of the Grand Palais and Musee des Invalides, and various contemporary buildings.

In New-York City 1998 to 2002 doing stage architecture, including the Tigers stadium in Detroit.

Designer of various science exhibitions for the American Museum of Natural History including: Einstein and relativity, Atapuerca a prehistoric site, Genomics, and the Physics of baseball...

Fluent in 3D and design software, which I sometime use in my art works

In parallel,a lifelong interest in painting led me to take art classes, have a painting studio and do various exhibitions in France and New York.

After moving to Colorado, I

Joined SPARK gallery in 2010. successful solo show in 2011 and 2013, and various group exhibitions.

Joined EDGE Gallery in 2012

Joined PALETTE Gallery in 2013

Do monthly Art lectures since 2012

Participated to Cherry Creek Art Festival in 2014 and 2015, DesMoines Art Festival in 2015...

Taught Medieval Art history