Here are examples of prices.

Remember these are just examples, DEvisu is very versatile, and we will tailor it to your exact needs, so contact us for an estimate

(may vary for size, need to measure)
ex. Study for Garage floor addition, Stucco colors, shadows and wood patio, next to existing house:  provided plans, elevations, 3D views.

Plan or Blueprint: from $80 
$ 300   P A C K A G E :
  • a 3D view of your home
  • a Blueprint
  • 2 Hrs One-on-One time with a designer
  • 20 pieces of furniture in 3D
House Model in 3D: from $100
Furniture in 3D: from $100
One room in 3D for remodel: from $80
Shadows or color study: from $50
Objects (jewelry, invention..) from $50 
Garden, tree growth from $50
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